Protein cryo-crystallography info needed

Thu Nov 3 08:02:58 EST 1994

Hi Dirk,

	A lot of important developments have occurred in the area
of cryocrystallography during the past several years.  Briefly, Dr. T.Y. Teng
while working at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) a few
years ago developed a method of using wire or fabric loops to suspend
crystals in a film of mother liquor which can be flash-frozen.  This has been
yielding great results for ** many ** macromolecular crystals including
virus crystals.  Dr. David Rodgers and Dr. Steve Gamblin in Steve Harrison's
group at Harvard have made a lot of important contributions including 
working out a technique for storing flash-frozen crystals after use in
liquid nitrogen so that the crystal can be re-used.  Numerous other
groups (including Yonath, Wiley, Burley, and my own, to name a few)
have become almost religious in the desire to work with data mostly
collected from flash-frozen crystals.
	I can recommend an article by Rick Walter in the CHESS Newsletter
published in Spring/Summer 1994 that describes practical aspects of using
this loop method in macromolecular data collection, including its use at
CHESS.  You could call Lana Walsh at CHESS (607-255-7163) to get a copy.

Eddy Arnold
CABM + Rutgers University

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