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Fri Nov 4 10:34:28 EST 1994

>>>>> In article <39dgr2$n1k at>, "Neil Spink" <neil at> writes:

 > Dear all,
 > I've just had the below message to Eleanor Dodson bounced back.
 > The address I used was ccp4 at

Auntie Eleanor is `ccp4 at'.  (That address is now the
canonical form both inside and outside the UK, rumours to the contrary
notwithstanding, although some UK system manglers are behind the

 > This involves, therefore, swapping the order of the indicies from
 > h, k, l to l, k, -h (I think). I'm am running "reindex" on an unmerged
 > mtz (from xds) data file and always get a IOT trap error.

The best place to report crashes of CCP4 programs in the first
instance is ccp4 at  [In this case we'd need the data files to
reproduce it.]

--Dave (not the secretary)

Thank you for your interest in the CCP4 protein crystallography programs.

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