Mon Nov 21 10:47:59 EST 1994

Many thanks to the kind souls who responded to my frantic
pleas for ORTEP documentation.  I now have my manual and
am happily cranking out ellipsoids.  I received many 
queries about SGI versions of ORTEP, and so I'll re-post
this information (which was originally posted by a 
gentleman at UT San Antonio):

        For the SGI version of ORTEP:

        ftp kekule.osc.edu

        cd pub/chemistry/software/SGI/ortep_for_sgi

        and get everything there.

        We had to play a little with the c front-end
(ortep.c) to get it to compile under IRIX 5.2; it may
very well work straight away under 4.0.5.  If you'd
like our slightly modified ortep.c, just let me know.

Thanks again!!

Pat Loll
University of Chicago
loll at biovax.uchicago.edu

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