Mercury salts for possible derivative

Darin Scott Katz katz at
Wed Nov 30 15:03:19 EST 1994

Hi there-

I have a dimeric protein whose monomers are covalently linked through a disulfide.  Each
monomer also has one free sulfhydryl on a cysteine.

I am looking for a mercury salt that I can use for a possible derivative or simply to bind
to the free cysteine and prevent its possible oxidation.  The only catch is that I can't
disrupt the disulfide bond connecting the two monomers-- it is critical for my crystallization.

Does anyone know of a mercury salt that will bind to free sulfhydryls BUT leave a disulfide
bond intact?  I was thinking of methyl mercuric acetate or phenyl mercuric acetate (i.e., only
one lone pair of electrons in solution).  Has anyone had a similar situation and used a
mercury salt successfully?

Please answer directly to the address below.  I appreciate your help.

Darin Katz
University of Pennsylvania
katz at

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