ACCESS.FOR on Silicon Gfx

Yoram Puius puius at
Mon Oct 3 17:37:49 EST 1994

Dear fellow crystallographers:

I have been using Fred Richards' program ACCESS.FOR to do surface area calc-
ultions.  The only problem is, I can only run the darn thang on a MicroVAX,
and I'd kinda like to be able to use it on the SiliconGraphics workstations
I work on, since it's a bit faster.

It doesn't compile or run properly using f77, and I don't have the man page
for it (don't ask me, ask my sysadmin) so I don't know if there's any way
to compile it with a command-line switch that will make it work.  I tried
"f77 -vms -static" at somebody's suggestion, and got something about a
"bad magic file number."

A friend-of-a-friend say he can fix the source code, but it will take a long
time.  Perhaps someone out there got it working?  Or has a more recent

Any ideas?  Please post or E-mail.  Many, many thanks.


Yoram A. Puius                            Albert Einstein College of Medicine
puius at            Department of Biochemistry
M.D.-Ph.D.    Class of 1999 [?]           Bronx, NY  10461

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