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                               Final Announcement

                                THE 52nd ANNUAL


                              November 3-5, 1994

                 Mellon Institute, Carnegie Mellon University 
                   and Clapp Hall, University of Pittsburgh


                            Dr. Richard K. McMullan

                       on the occasion of his retirement 
                    from the Brookhaven National Laboratory

Tentative Program

Thursday, November 3:  	Auditorium, Mellon Institute

	8:30 am		Opening Remarks
			Prof. Helen Berman
			President, Pittsburgh Diffraction Society

SYMPOSIUM	Hydration and Hydrogen Bonding
		Chair:  Prof. Bryan Craven

	8:45 am		Clathrate Hydrates, Then and Now
			Prof. G. A. Jeffrey, University of Pittsburgh

	9:15 am		The Formation and Stabilization of DNA by Water
			Prof. M. Sundaralingam, Ohio State University

	9:45 am		Hydration of Helices: Some Anecdotes and Systematic 
			Prof. Helen Berman, Rutgers University

	10:15 am	Break

	10:30 am	Charge Transfer Mechanisms in Aqueous and Other
			Condensed-Phase Media
			Dr. Marshall Newton,  Brookhaven National Lab.

	11:00 am	The Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on the Electron Density
			Prof. Dirk Feil, University of Twente, The Netherlands

	11:30 am	Hydrated Lipid Bilayers: Structure and Fluctuations
			Prof. John Nagle, Carnegie Mellon University

	12:00 pm	From Alkali-Hydroxide Hydrates to Superacids: New  
			Studiesof Hydrogen-Bonded Systems and Crystal Structures
			Prof. Dietrich Mootz, Heinrich-Heine-Univ., Dusseldorf

	12:30 pm	Hydrogen Bonded Structures in Organometallic Chemistry
			and Beyond
			Prof. Lee Brammer, University of Missouri-St. Louis

	1:00 pm	Break

SYMPOSIUM	Inorganic and Mineral Structures
		Chair:  Prof. Dieter Schwarzenbach

	2:30 pm		Clusters and Networks in Polar Intermetallic Phases
			Prof. John Corbett, Iowa State University

	3:00 pm		High Temperature Crystal Chemistry of Olivine by
			Neutron Diffraction
			Prof. Gilberto Artioli,  Universita di Milano, Italy

	3:30 pm		Structural Phase Transitions in Minerals
			Prof. Subrata Ghose, University of Washington

	4:00 pm	Break

	4:15 pm		Distribution and Anharmonic Thermal Motion of the
			Mobile Cations in Ag+ and Cu+ Fast-Ion Conductors
			Prof. Bernhardt Wuensch, Mass. Inst. of Technology

	4:45 pm		The First High Pressure Measurements on the Swiss-
			Norwegian Beamline at the European Synchrotron 
			Radiation Facility
			Dr. Hans-Peter Weber, Univ. de Lausanne, Switzerland

	5:15 pm		Prospects for New Crystallographic Experiments at
			the Third Generation Synchrotrons
			Dr. Ake Kvick, Eur. Syn. Radiation Facility, Grenoble

	5:45 pm		Neutron and X-ray Extinction Effects in Simple
			Crystal Structures
			Prof. Terence Sabine, ANSTO, Lucas Heights, NSW

Thursday Evening

POSTER SESSION		Conference Room, Mellon Institute
			Chair:  Prof. S. Swaminathan

	Posters will be on display throughout Thursday and on Friday until 
	6:00 pm.  A mixer with wine and cheese will be held in the Conference 
	Room beginning at 7:30 pm.  Judging for the Chung Soo Yoo Award will 
	take place.

Friday  November 4:	Auditorium, Mellon Institute

SYMPOSIUM	Organic and Organometallic Structural Chemistry
		Chair:  Prof. Martin Sax

	9:00 am		Patterson Methods and Automated R2-Driven Structure
			Expansion for Small Molecule X-ray Structure Analysis
			Prof. Paul Beurskens, Univ. Nijmegen, The Netherlands

	9:30 am		Neutron Diffraction Study of Spermine Phosphate 
			Dr. John Ruble, University of Pittsburgh

	10:00 am	Structure-Reactivity Relationships in Intramolecular
			Prof. Judith Howard, University of Durham, England

	10:30 am	Break

	10:45 am	Structures of Transition-Metal Hydrides
			Dr. Thomas Koetzle, Brookhaven National Laboratory

	11:15 am	Coordination Chemistry of Transition Metal Hydrides
			Prof. Alberto Albinati, Universitˆ di Milano, Italy
	11:45 am	Break

SYMPOSIUM	Organic and Organometallic Structural Chemistry (continued)
		Chair:  Dr. Thomas Koetzle

	1:15 pm		Diffraction Studies of Adsorbed Films
			Dr. John Larese, Brookhaven National Laboratory

	1:45 pm		Molecular Interactions at Interfaces with a Focus
			on Crystal Nucleation
			Prof. Leslie Leiserowitz, Weizmann Institute, Israel

	2:15 pm		The Crystallography of Fullerenes: C70 and C60
			Prof. Dieter Schwarzenbach, Univ. Lausanne, Switzerland

	2:45 pm		Modelling the Aspherical Density in C60
			Dr. Jon Hanson, Brookhaven National Laboratory

	3:15 pm	Break

	3:30 pm		Conformation and Bonding in Metal Phosphine Complexes
			Dr. Guy Orpen, University of Bristol, England

	4:15 pm		Tales of the Unexpected: Crystallography of Organic 
			Complexes of Oxovanadium(IV)
			Dr. Pedro Matias, Univ. Nova de Lisboa, Oeiras, Portugal

	4:45 pm		Structure of and Amide Dynamics in the Biological Model
			System Acetanilide
			Dr. Juergen Eckert, Los Alamos National Laboratory
	5:15 pm	Break

Friday Evening:		University Club

	5:15 pm		Reception and Banquet,Presentation of the Sidhu Award
			and the Chung Soo Yoo Award
			Speaker:  Prof. George A. Jeffrey

Saturday, November 5:	Clapp Hall, University of Pittsburgh

	9:00 am		Sidhu Award Lecture
			Chair: Prof. Helen Berman

SYMPOSIUM	Macromolecular Structure and Function
		Chair:  Prof. Bi-Cheng Wang

	9:30 am		Structural Basis for Signal Transduction in Cells
			Prof. Sung-Hou Kim, University of California, Berkeley

	10:00 am	Engineering Loops and Turns in Proteins
			Prof. Robert Fox, Yale University

	10:30 am	Structure Determination of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin
			C2: Easy or Difficult?
			Prof. S. Swaminathan, VA Med.Ctr. and Univ.of Pitts.

	11:00 am	Break

	11:15 am	Structural Neurobiology
			Prof. Raymond Stevens, University of California, Berkeley

	11:45 am	Control of DNA Structure
			Prof. Nadrian Seeman, New York University

	12:15 am	Electrostatic Properties of Nucleic Acids from
			Diffraction Data
			Prof. Bryan Craven, University of Pittsburgh

	12:45 pm	Concluding Remarks

General Information

    A general poster session will be held in conjunction with the meeting.  
    Graduate students are especially encourged to present their work.  A $200.00 
    prize in the memory of Dr. Chung Soo Yoo will be awarded to the best poster 
    presentation by a student.

    Poster abstracts should be sent to Joan Klinger, Department of 
    Crystallography University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA 15260.  The deadline
    for Abstracts is October 15, 1994.

    Meeting accommodations can be made at the following hotels:

	The University Club		The Holiday Inn, University Center
	123 University Place	        100 Lytton Ave.
	Pittsburgh, PA 15213	        Pittsburgh, PA 15213

	Phone:(412) 621-1890		Phone:(412) 682-6200
	Fax:  (412) 621-8382		Fax:  (412) 682-5745

	Ms. Elizabeth Johnson
	Assistant Banquet Manager


    Registrtion Form

    Name: ______________________________________________________________________

    Address: ___________________________________________________________________



    Registration Fee $55.00, Students $10.00                $________

    Banquet Fee $35.00				            $________

    Total enclosed                                          $________

    I will be presenting a poster (yes/no) ________

    Poster title: ______________________________________________________________




                       Abstract deadline October 15, 1994.

    Mail registration form to:

			Prof. Bryan Craven
			Department of Crystallography
			University of Pittsburgh
			Pittsburgh PA, 15260

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