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: >I am looking for some additional Crystal Eyes stereo glasses 
: >("eyewear CE-PC") to be used with the ESV workstation and the E-1 emitter.
: >Evans & Sutherland offers them for a mere DM 3000,- . Are there any 
: >cheaper sources ?

: I heard that Stereographics, the makers of Crystal Eyes now sells them through
: a distribution network. You could call them and ask: 415-459-4500.

: I think we paid in the US$1000 range for quantities of 10 last time we bought
: some.

: Kevin D. McLeaster

Qualix Direct in San Mateo (address below) distributes Stereographics Crystal
Eyes.  They recently quoted me US$1100 for one pair of glasses plus emitter,
and US$1695 for two pairs of glasses plus one emitter.

	Qualix Group, Inc.
	1900 S. Norfolk St. #224
	San Mateo, CA  94403

	Phone	1-800-245-UNIX
	FAX	1-800-245-3468
	Email	janeneh at

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