Position for Macromolecular Crystallographer

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Thu Oct 6 11:17:38 EST 1994

To be advertised in Nature 13/10/94
  Macromolecular Crystallographer
  A position is available to carry out pharmaceutical research using
  macromolecular crystallographic techniques and methodologies. The
  research will involve elucidating the three dimensional structures of
  molecules of therapeutic interest, studying the structural aspects of
  molecular recognition and the mechanisms of inhibitor action. The
  research will form part of multi-disciplinary projects in drug design and
  collaboration is an important aspect of the work. We require a PhD and
  post-doctoral experience in macromolecular crystallography with a
  proven record of solving protein structures. The candidate should be
  self-motivated and a problem solver with good communication skills.
  The successful applicant will work in the Structural Biochemistry
  Group at the Pharmacia Biopharmaceuticals Center, Italy.
  The Pharmacia Research Center at Nerviano is located 25km from
  central Milan and offers facilities in biotechnology, biochemistry,
  chemistry and pharmacology. The protein crystallography laboratory is
  fully equipped with a 30cm Marresearch image plate detector interfaced
  with a network of workstations.
  Inquiries for this position can be made to
  Giorgio Bolis at  ++39-331-583077
  Applications, together with full CV, should be sent to
  Giorgio Bolis
  Pharmacia Research Center
  via Giovanni XXIII, 23
  20014 Nerviano, Italy

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