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|> : We are interested in share/freeware programs to be able to view protein
|> : structures (such as transferrin) on either a PC or Mac platform.  Can
|> : anyone point me to a FAQ or have any advice regarding software of this
|> : type?
|> Rasmol is exactly what you're looking for. Unfortunately it is not yet
|> available for Macs. (I am even not sure if there is _any_ PDB viewer
|> available for Macs...) 
|> --Cornelius.
The latest J. Mol. Graph. (12.3 (1994)) has an article about a Mac molecular
graphics program called NanoVision by William Light & Bruce Paul Gaber:
Dr. Gaber, Center for Bio/Molecular Science & Engineering, Code 6090,
Naval Research Lab., Washington, DC 20375-5000.

The acknowledgements say that there is a `significantly enhanced version'
commercially released by the Am. Chem. Soc.

An alternative commercial offering is available from Oxford Molecular. I
believe this is relatively cheap for academics.


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