mosflm on osf/1

Dave Love at
Wed Oct 12 11:35:34 EST 1994

>>>>> In article <37gpltINNrmo at>, jyl at (j.loewe) writes:

 > Has anyone installed MOSFLM 5.23 on DEC alpha's running under OSF/1 
 > sucessfully ? 
 > MOSFLM itself runs perfectly, but a segmentation faults occurs when
 > the FOTRAN program tries to call the C routines of the xdl library.
 > (XDL_AXOR is the first one)

You need (part of)
ftp at to patch the
xdl_view library routines for the X stuff on OSF/1 and I think mosflm
itself needs extra changes which aren't in that file.  However, a new
version of the xdl_view routines which doesn't break on 64-bit systems
should soon be on the ccp4 server and I understand mosflm will use
this in the next release.  For the full story, ask Andrew Leslie.

[Moral: don't assume you can pass pointers around as C int/Fortran
integer :-/]

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