Molecular Replacement

Matthew Mark Skinner mms at
Thu Oct 13 16:43:07 EST 1994


I have a question regarding molecular replacement. I am using X-PLOR, and
setting up a cross rotation function search. My question is how does one 
determine the maximum Patterson vector to use in the search?

Here is my scenario:

The structure I am trying to solve is in space group 18 P2(1)2(1)2

The unit cell is the following:

a=82.873 b=38.867 c=24.348 alpha=90. beta=90. gamma=90.

It appears to have one monomer in the asymmetric unit.

I am using a monomer from space group 5, C2 as the search model. 

Again, any help on how the maximum Patterson vector should be determined 
is greatly appreciated. 


																																									Matt Skinner

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