HELP: need a program to build a protein backbone from phi psi angles

Gerard Kleijwegt gerard at
Mon Oct 17 11:00:33 EST 1994

In article <37tvvd$hfk at usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu>, hoa at cwxtl (Hoa Ton-That) writes:
|> Hello,
|>         I'm trying to incorperate a subroutine into one of my programs that willbuild a protein from the torsion angles.  I've looked at the article by
|> Jan Hermans in Methods in ENZOMOLOGY 115 pg 171.  But the algorithm seems
|> to give me an incorrect model (ie if i input -180,-180 phi and psi angles
|> i get 180,180 build backbone).  If anyone knows of any freely availible
|> programs (with source) for doing such a thing could I love to hear about
|> them.  Or any other good papers on the subject would most likely help.
|> Thanks in advance,
|> Hoa Ton-That
|> hoa at
|> hoa at

errr ...  -180 = 180 modulo 360


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