Series of (mutant) biomolecular complexes?

Steve Glover ssbg at
Thu Oct 20 21:33:07 EST 1994

Max Cummings (max at wrote:
: Hi,

: I am interested in finding a series of complexes
: where one of the molecules is the same
: in all of the complexes but the other molecule
: is different (for example, like a set of protease/
: protein inhibitor complexes with several different mutant
: inhibitors). Protein/small molecule complexes
: would be OK too, the trick is I need several
: where one of the molecules is the same
: (conformational differences are OK) in all
: of the complexes.

: The complexes should be publicly available.

Depending on what you want to do with them, there's a range of possible
small molecule crystal structures. Crown ether/cryptands and
cyclodextrins have been used as complexing agents for a range of
compounds, there are several crystal structures of various chiral
resolving agents with amino acids, and there was a series of structures
a while back from (I think) Inoue and Ishida where they had
co-crystallised aromatic amino acids with nucleotide derivatives.

Steve Glover

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