Postdoctoral Position in Protein Crystallography

Alice Vrielink Alice.Vrielink at BRI.NRC.CA
Fri Oct 21 10:46:41 EST 1994


A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Alice
Vrielink at McGill University to study the structural aspects of cell adhesion.
The position will involve the crystal structure determination of the "I"
(inserted) domain of the leukocyte integrin LFA-1 which binds to various ICAM
ligands mediating leukocyte attachment to endothelium upon exposure to an
inflammatory stimulus.  This domain  belongs to a superfamily of type A domain
proteins, found in the hemostatic protein, von Willebrand factor, in complement
factors B and C2, in the extracellular matrix proteins collagen type VI and in
cartilage matrix protein.  The domain has been expressed and purified in large
quantitites to facilitate a crystal structure determination.  Structural studies
of this domain will characterize the motif for the superfamily and direct
further studies aimed at understanding the precise mechanism of binding to ICAM.

The candidate is expected to have experience in crystal structure determination
as well as some experience in protein purification and crystallization.  The
position is available for one year with the possibility of renewal for a second
and third year.  In addition, we are presently pursuing further collaboration,
and the potential for funding, with a pharmaceutical partner to study the
interaction of this domain with ICAM.  
	The laboratory is part of the Montreal Joint Centre for Structural 
Biology comprising researchers from a number of universities, government labs 
and industry with expertise in protein crystatrephy, NMR spectroscopy and
protein modeling.  The Centre will therefore provide a stimulating and
interactive environment with wide scope for studying structural aspects of 
molecular function.  
	For further information please contact:

		Alice Vrielink
		Department of Biochemistry
		McGill University
		3655 Drummond Street
		Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1Y6

		phone:	(514) 398-1918
		fax:	(514) 398-7384
		email:	alice at

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