Cambridge Structural Database

Wed Oct 26 11:36:49 EST 1994

I thought the following information could be helpful for those
interested in accessing the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD).

At the present time, CSD contains > 100,000 structures for small organic
molecules.  CSD is available for different platforms including VAX/VMS,
SGI, SPARC etc.  If one includes the GUI Software, then ~ 300 Mb of
space is required to implement the CSD system.  Alternatively, if one has
access to MAACS/3D or SYBYL, then it is possible to obtain versions that
can be searched via these programs.

Access to CSD is NOT free.  In the U.S. there is an affiliate
which distributes the database (to the best of my knowledge!).  It is
relatively inexpensive to do a simple search in the U.S.  Since there
are a number of subscribers, it is possible to keep the costs down.

After establishing an account, it is possible to have telnet access to
the complete database.  

Please contact Ms. Stephanie Hull at the following address for
additional info:
     Cambridge Crystallograpghic Data Centre
     12 Union Road
     Cambridge CB2 1EZ
     Phone 44 223 336408 
     Fax   44 223 336033

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