X-terms on VMS machines

Joe Mack mack at ncifcrf.gov
Fri Oct 28 09:53:45 EST 1994

In article <199410271606.JAA08242 at net.bio.net> LOLL at BIOVAX.UCHICAGO.EDU writes:
>We're running short of keyboards on our Vax cluster
>(running VMS).  Does anyone have any recommendations
>for X-terminals that we can add on?
>	Thanks in advance,

I have a PC running DesqView/X which is a great all purpose X window box.
It displays the graphics from Denzo, while I crunch on another monitor
next to it. 
	Joe Mack
	mack at ncifcrf.gov

>Pat Loll
>Univ. of Chicago		{Friend to animals.}
>loll at biovax.uchicago.edu	{Animal to friends.}

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