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Stewart Buskirk sb86+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Sun Oct 30 01:41:44 EST 1994

    As a new grad student learning crystallography, I've been spending
some time finding interesting structure reports and then trying to get
the coordinates from PDB to examine the structure in more detail.

    Unfortunately, I have found that a significant number of published
reports, many over a year old, have not had the corresponding
coordinates sent to PDB!  And many of the ones that have been entered
consist solely of the alpha-carbon coordinates.

    I plead with you to tell me why - are people just being secretive?
Is PDB making unreasonable demands on submitters? Are they going
somewhere else? Is making coordinates available no longer customary?

    One of my concerns is that some papers that report novel tertiary
structures based on *review of PDB structures* do not submit their own

    I would appreciate any/all comments that could shed some light on
this situation for me.  I would like to understand the role of
coordinate publication in structure reports and get a better handle on
the limitations of the PDB.

    Thank you!


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