a good introductory book

Dr H.R. Powell hrp1000 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Thu Sep 1 10:57:13 EST 1994

I've a few additions to the list suggested by David Waller;

General introduction: 

Fundamentals of crystallography. International Union of Crystallography
Texts on Crystallocraphy, Edited by C. Giacovazzo, Oxford, 1992. (I guess 
this is the only one in my list that can be bought reasonably easily; it 
costs about 30 pounds in the UK for the paperback).

and maybe move on to; 

Protein crystallography, TL Blundell and LN Johnson, 1976. (If you can 
find a copy).

Diffraction methods for biological macromolecules (Methods in enzymology 
; volume 115), ed HW Wyckoff et al, Academic Press(?) 1985. 

Okay, so they aren't the newest books around, but I still use them...

Harry Powell

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