A good introductory book?

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>I am looking for a good introduction to crystallography in general (for a
>beginner!!), and protein crystallography in particular.  I would be
>looking for a book intended for someone with no symmetry, or quantum
>chemistry background.  Any suggestions are appreciated in advance.  I will
>summarize the results.
Here are a few suggestions for books.

For general crystallography I would start with 
Glusker and Trueblood - Crystal Structure Analysis 
and then move on to
Stout and Jensen - X-ray structure Determination.

For protein crystallography
Gale Rhodes - Crystallography Made Crystal Clear 
is a good starting point for a biochemist 
Max Perutz - Protein Structure
provides an introduction but it is quite mathematical.
Duncan McRee - Practical Protein Crystallography 
is a good "how to" guide.
For the best compilation of crystallography books and related subjects get
hold of the catalogue from:
Polycrystal Book Service
PO Box 3439
Ohio 45401
Tel/Fax 513-223-9070

I hope that helps some - I would be interested to see other peoples thoughts.

David Waller

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