A good introductory book? SUMMARY

Ayeda Ayed ayed at cc.umanitoba.ca
Sun Sep 4 14:02:30 EST 1994

Fellow nettors:

I would like to thank all who responded my query.  As promised, here is a
summary of the books recommended.  The two that were recommended more
often than others were:

Crystallography Made Crystal Clear by Gale Rhodes.

Principles of Protein Xray Crystallography by Jan Drenth.

Others mentioned (with varying degrees of frequency):

Crystal Structure Analysis by Glusker and Trublood
Xray Structure Determination by Stout and Jensen
Protein Structure by Max Perutz
Practical Protein Crystallography by Duncan Mcree (recomeded by many)
Protein Crystallography by Bludell and Johnson
Fundamentals of Crystallography Ed by C. Giacovazzo
Methods in Enzymology:  Diffraction Methods For Biological Macromolecules
(1985) Ed by Wyckoff.

Again, thanks for the suggestions.
Ayeda Ayed                            
ayed at cc.umanitoba.ca

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