Superimposing crystal structures?

Flip Hoedemaeker, CvF RUL/TNO, Leiden, The Netherlands sbtnfh at
Wed Sep 7 06:01:55 EST 1994

In article <34ian9INNu6t at>, krasel at (Cornelius Krasel) writes:
>Hello netters,
>I would like to superimpose different crystal structures in PDB format.
>I know that there are programs who can do that, but I would like to do
>it on a Linux box (e.g. to view the superimposed structures later
>in Rasmol).

In the program WHATIF (written by Gert Vriend at EMBL Heidelberg) you can
superimpose structures and later write the data to a new PDB format file
(at least I think so, I havn't tried it myself). Viewing in Rasmol won't be any
problem. If it works, it sounds a lot easier than doing C (I'm close to an 
analpabetic in computer language)

Hope this helps,


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