Structures of large nucleoprotein complexes

Victor Jongeneel vjongene at
Mon Sep 12 08:49:34 EST 1994

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>I am trying to put together (for teaching purposes) a collection of images of 
>nucleic acids and nucleoproteins, ending up with large complexes such as 
>ribosomes and nucleosomes.  I know that the 3D shapes of these complexes are 
>known, but haven't found anything in any of the structural databases (after a 
>fair bit of nosing around the Web).

>Does anyone know where, if anywhere, structures of ribosomes and/or 
>nucleosomes may be deposited?  I can handle many different file formats for 
>display (contour maps, polygon meshes, coordinates etc.)

Thanks to all who have replied to this post.  I wanted to dispell a 
misunderstanding which I may have generated here.  I am aware that these 
structures have not been solved by crystallographic techniques (wrong 
newsgroup?), but by lower-resolution neutron scattering and EM.  I am also 
aware that the PDB-type atomic coordinate files would not be appropriate here.

The problem remains.  Does anyone know if there are files describing these 
structures at their current resolution, and if so, wehre they may be deposited?

Thanks again,

Victor J.

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