superposition with InsightII

Elias J. Fernandez efernan at
Fri Sep 16 16:39:16 EST 1994


I have two unit cell packing diagrams that I display using Insight. I can, by
a rotation and translation, superimpose part of one on part of another. This
gives the illusion of two unit cells, both identical, but one moved by an
hitherto unknown amount to the other. As:

            |         |
            |         |
            |         |
            |         |
       ---------      |
       |        |     |
       |        |------
       |        |   
       |        |  
       |        |
       |        | 

My problem is this: Using InsightII how can I be able to determine either the
rotation and translation required for the 'superimposition' or alternatively the coordinates of the unitcell structure that was moved to make the superimposition possible? InsightII seems to consider this unit cell structure that was moved
to have the same coordinates before and after the repositioning.

Has anyone had any similar experience with InsightII?

Elias Fernandez
Chemistry Dept
Loyola University Chicago

elias at

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