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In article <35i1jt$put at gabriel.keele.ac.uk>, pha31 at cc.keele.ac.uk (A.
Jaber) wrote:
> Bill D. Laidig (laidig at crunch.qtp.ufl.edu) wrote:
> : Does anyone know the phone # or e-mail address of:
> :      John E. Walker (Cambridge CB2 2QH, UK)
> :       (or the)
> :      Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology?
>         Try:
>         J.Walker at mrc.ac.uk
>         Hope it will work...
> : Thanks
> : Bill Laidig
I'm not sure if that email address will work (doesn't jive with other
email addresses that I know at the LMB, but I'm hesitant to speculate
exactly what John Walker's email address might be).

The telephone number for the MRC LMB should be 44-223-248011.  Corrections

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