postdoctoral position

Juha Rouvinen jpro at
Tue Sep 20 01:58:13 EST 1994

POSTDOCTORAL position available in protein crystallography at Department
Chemistry, University of Joensuu, Finland. The candidate should have
experience in 
macromolecular crystallization, x-ray crystallography and computing.

Our current projects include polysaccharide hydrolysing enzymes (EMBO J.
lysosomal proteins and quantum chemical modelling of enzymatic reactions
115:10958). Our laboratory is equipped with R-AXIS IIc area detector and
anode. Computing facilities are good. 

To apply, please send C.V. and two or three letters of recommendation to:
Dr Juha 
Rouvinen, Department of Chemistry, University of Joensuu, PO Box 111,
Joensuu, Finland. Tel +358-73-1513318, Fax +358-73-1513390, E-mail 
jpro at

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