MidasPlus user forum

Jerm ory at lenti.med.umn.edu
Wed Sep 28 00:32:26 EST 1994

	Is there a mailing list, user forum, ANYthing about MidasPlus?  
I am trying to display x-plor maps in Midas using the density delegate, 
and keep hitting brick walls.  I have mailed the e-mail "help-line," and 
they thought it might be I was using a binary map file, not a text one, 
but that was not the case.  Anyway, the bottom line is, my x-plor maps 
look beautiful in O, MAID (a local program), and TOM, just not Midas.  
Any help/prior experience would be greatly appreciated.
Jeramia Ory                        | |     / /. ... .\ \  Pursuing the 
2-197 Moos Tower       >>~~~~~~~~~~|*|    | |....O....| | distractions of 
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