Patterson function display

Stan Sadigursky sadigurs at
Mon Apr 3 00:20:55 EST 1995

As a person relatively new to X-ray diffraction, I would love to look at
real Pattersons ether from refelection data or from rotation functions
from XPLOR or other program (but I want it on computer in 3D rotating). I
have allready wrote a simple c programm that convolutes protein onto
itself, but I would like to see the reall stuff.Could anyone say what
programm will output some Patterson file readable by any graphical display
program (TOM, for instance) or teach me how to convert a Patterson file
format from rotation function to any electron density file format (readble
by TOM, for example). I would really appreciate any suggestions that I
will get.
Sergey LEVIN
slevin at

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