Patterson function display

Mark Israel misrael at
Tue Apr 4 16:25:47 EST 1995

In article <3558 at>, slevin at (Sergey Levin) writes:

> As a person relatively new to X-ray diffraction, I would love to look at
> real Pattersons either from reflection data or from rotation functions
> from XPLOR or another program [...]
> Could anyone say what program will output some Patterson file readable 
> by any graphical display program [...] or teach me how to convert a 
> Patterson file format from rotation function to any electron density 
> file format [...]?

XtalView comes with example data that can be used for just this purpose.
The formats are ready for XtalView, of course, and contain real examples
of a protein solved by MIR.  The same examples are used in Duncan McRee's
book, _Practical Protein Crystallography_, which outlines the basic 
methods used to make the Patterson maps.

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