molscript for sun computer

Matt Saderholm matsad at
Wed Apr 12 09:42:43 EST 1995

I have been trying without success to get molscript 1.4 running on a sun
sparcstation 10 under solaris 2.4 (SunOS 5.4).  It was suggested that this
group might be a good place to look for suggestions.  I have basically just
started in my role as system administrator for my group's computers so I'm kind
of floundering around regarding what step to take next.  I took out the section
of the system.f file pertaining to the 'ran' command (suggested by Per Klauris)
which allows molscript to compile, but it still gives me 'exec format error'
when I try to run it.  I have gotten raster3d compiled, so my fortran compiler
is working.  Has anyone out there gotten molscript to run on a sun computer of
any sort?  If so, any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

Matt Saderholm
email:  matsad at

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