molscript for sun computer

Craig Marshall craigm at
Wed Apr 12 18:42:34 EST 1995

It is while since I did this, but we have it running on Irix 4.0.5,
Irix 5.2 Ultrix V4.4 and SunOS 5.3. From memory, you should check the file in the forlib directory is appropriate for the system
you are using, and do the same for the makefile that are provided. I
believe the makefile.sun that came with the package essentially did the
job. Compiling molscript itself is on a similar basis and is fairly
straight-forward. You may need to check the optimization flags, we use
-fast in place of -02 as I believe this was different in the new SunOS.


Craig Marshall    Department of Biochemistry, University of Otago
                  Dunedin, New Zealand

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