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Menachem Shoham shoham at BIOCHEMISTRY.BIOC.CWRU.EDU
Mon Apr 17 09:46:55 EST 1995

                        POSTDOCTORAL POSITION
A postdoctoral position in protein crystallography is available in the
Department of Biochemistry at Case Western Reserve University Medical
School in Cleveland, Ohio in the laboratory of Dr. Menachem Shoham. The
research involves structure-function studies on a thermophilic alcohol
dehydrogenase. Well diffracting crystals are available for the wild type
protein as well as several site-specific mutants. On site X-ray equipment
includes a dual San Diego Multiwire Area Detector and a Rigaku AFC6
diffractometer mounted on a Rigaku RU200 rotating anode X-ray generator as
well as a precession camera. Synchrotron data will also be collected.
Computing facilities consist of a Silicon Graphics Indigo2 XZ machine and a
cluster of three VAX/VMS computers. We also have access to a Cray Y-MP at
the Ohio Supercomputer.
  Cleveland is a very liveable and affordable city with lots of cultural
  Experience in protein crystallography is considered an advantage but it
is not a requirement. Please contact Dr. Menachem Shoham by e-mail to
shoham at

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