Sabattical fellowship for a professor in India requested.

Akella Radha jpj at
Tue Apr 18 12:28:15 EST 1995

Prof. E. Subramanian from Department of Crystallography, University
of Madras, India is looking for a 6 month -1 year sabattical fellowship
on Molecular Modeling/graphics or Diffractometr data collection
and Structure solution. If you have a suitable position for him, 
please contact him at nicrys at I am herewith 
forwarding his professional record for your information. Please 
contact him DIRECTLY


                         E. Subramanian
                         Professor, Departmen of Crystallography
                                        and Biophysics
                         University of Madras


     18 years of teaching for M.Sc., M.Phil & Ph.D. courses.
     More than 30 years of experience in research.
     More than 80 published papers in International Journals
     CO-EDITOR, Vols. I & II,Biomolecular Structure,Conformation,
     Function and Evolution, PERGAMON PRESS 1981

     1965-67 Fulbright Scholar, California Institute of Technology,USA
     1967-69 Research Fellow, University of British Columbia, Canada
     1970-71 Scientist, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
     1971-73 Research Associate, Princeton University, USA
     1973-77 Visiting Scientist, NIH, Bethesda, Washington D.C., USA
     1977-85 Reader, Crystallography & Biophysics, Univ. of Madras
     1979-80 Visiting Professor, North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh
     1981    Summer - Visiting Professor, Univ. of British Columbia
     1982    Summer - Visiting Professor, Univ. of Alabama,Birmingham
     1983    Summer - Visiting Professor, Univ. of Alabama,Birmingham
     1984    Summer - Visiting Professor, Univ. of Alabama,Birmingham
     1985    Summer - Visiting Professor, Roswell Park Inst., Buffalo
     1986    Summer - Visiting Professor, Roswell Park Inst., Buffalo
     1986-   Professor of Crystallography & Biophysics, Univ.of Madras
     1989-92 Professor in Charge, University Library, Madras University
     1992-   Adviser to the library, University of Madras

   * Member, Commission on Crystallographic  Data for the      
       International Union of Crystallography, from 1993 - to date
   * Indian Biophysical Society (Member of the Executive Council)
   * Member of the National Advisory Committee, National
       Information Center for Crystallography, Madras
   * Member of the  Management Advisory Committee, Dept. of
       Science  & Technology, India
   * Consultant to  Department of Biotechnology, India
   * Member , Indian National Committee for the IUCr (1985-91)
   * Member of the Indian Science Academy Delegation to IUCr
       Congress, Perth/Australia, 1985
   * CONVENER, XVII National Seminar on Crystallography, Dec.1985
   * CONVENER, XXV  National Seminar on Crystallography, Dec.1993
   * CO-CONVENER, National Workshop on Crystallographic Databases 1983
   * COORDINATOR, International Symposium on Biomolecular Structure,
       Conformation, Function and Evolution, Jan.1978, Madras Univ. 
   * Member  of the Organizing Committee, National Symposium on      
       Biophysics, University of Madras, Feb.1991
   * Member  of the Organizing Committee, Asian Region Seminar on 
       Crystallography, University of Madras, Dec.'93
   * Member of the Organizing  Committee,  Satellite Symposium on
       Collagen: Structure, Biology and Technology, CLRI-Madras,      
       Sept.15-17, 1994 - under XVI International Congress of      
       Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Sept.  19-22, New Delhi.
   * Member of the National Organizing Committee, International
       during Nov. 16-20, 1995 at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics,

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