molscript for sun computer

Elya S. Kurktchi elya at
Thu Apr 20 19:38:43 EST 1995

Matt Saderholm (matsad at wrote:
: I have been trying without success to get molscript 1.4 running on a sun
: sparcstation 10 under solaris 2.4 (SunOS 5.4).  It was suggested that this
: group might be a good place to look for suggestions.  I have basically just
: started in my role as system administrator for my group's computers so I'm kind
: of floundering around regarding what step to take next.  I took out the section
: of the system.f file pertaining to the 'ran' command (suggested by Per Klauris)
: which allows molscript to compile, but it still gives me 'exec format error'
: when I try to run it.  I have gotten raster3d compiled, so my fortran compiler
: is working.  Has anyone out there gotten molscript to run on a sun computer of
: any sort?  If so, any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

: Matt Saderholm
: email:  matsad at

I've got raster3d and molscript running on sunos 4.1.3_U1.


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