non-native aggregation

Ramaswami Sammynaiken rsammy at UPEI.CA
Fri Apr 28 14:47:30 EST 1995

In a relatively recent paper (Journal of Crystal Growth 122 (1992) 102-106), 
D'Arcy suggests that non-native aggregation affects crystalllization ie. if 
you can observe variable size of aggregates (using dynamic light scattering 
DLS)) in the protein before mixing with the precipitant, then there may be no 
crystallization. Many crystallographers that I have spoken to, agree with 
D'Arcy 's observations and conclusions. I would appreciate any comments on 
this matter. Do you as crystallographers agree with D'Arcy. I am presently 
looking at the feasibility of DLS as launch site screening tool for proteins 
prior to being packed for microgravity crystallization. 
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