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Recent Listings from Martha Teeter...

   		    Announcements for CRYSTALLOGRAPHERS
			   July 24, 1995
                           POSTDOCTORAL POSITION

A POSTDOCTORAL POSITION is available immediately to carry out
structure-function studies of proteins involved in apoptosis(programmed
cell death) by X-ray crystallography and molecular biology.  Our lab is
also interested in protein folding and crystallographic phasing. Strong
background in protein crystallography and biochemistry is desired.
Candidates with training in recombinant DNA technology and protein
isolation and characterization who are interested in learning
crystallography are encouraged to apply. State-of-the-art X-ray equipment,
computing and graphics facilities are available in the lab.  Ample shared
facilities are also available at the new Weintraub Research Building on the
picturesque Lake Union campus. Please send curriculum vitae and names of
three references to:
Dr Kam Zhang
Division of Basic Sciences, A3-023
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
1124 Columbia Street
Seattle, WA98104-2092
email: kzhang at


POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP position is available in X-ray diffraction from
skeletal muscle.  The Laboratory of Physical Biology of NIAMS at NIH has been
a premier research laboratory in muscle physiology and muscle structure.  One
of the projects involves X-ray diffraction studies from living muscle during
its various phases of physiological activities.  Time resolved and/or static
diffraction patterns are recorded during steady contraction or during
transient behavior to study the conformational changes in myosin, actin etc.
involved in force generation.  We are seeking a candidate who has a strong
background in X-ray diffraction, particularly in fiber diffraction. 
Responsibility will be primarily in modelling of the dynamic structure of the
in vivo muscle lattice.  Knowledge of muscle physiology and biochemistry is
desirable.  The Fellowship is for two years, and may be extended further. 
Salary ranges between $25000 to $36000 depending on prior experience.  U.S.
citizenship is not required.  Please send CV and names of references to Dr.
Leepo C. Yu, NIAMS, NIH, Building 6, Rm 425, Bethesda, MD. USA. 



	A major research focus in this laboratory is the structure
determination of regulated myosins and their fragments using X-ray
crystallography. The goal is an understanding of the molecular mechanisms of
the regulation of both ATPase activity and motility in these motors. Related
projects include the crystallography of various complexes of troponin, and
calmodulin binding to target peptides. Strong collaborative support is
available in the molecular biology and biochemistry of these systems. This
research effort is one of six major programs in the Structural Biology
Laboratory at Brandeis which has excellent facilities for a broad range of
studies. Interested candidates with a good background in protein
crystallography should send a letter and CV, together with names, addresses,
and telephone numbers of three scientists from whom letters of recommendations
can be obtained, to: 
	Dr. Carolyn Cohen
	Laboratory of Structural Biology
	Rosenstiel Basic Medical Science Research Center
	Brandeis University
	Waltham, MA 02254
	tel: 617-736-2446
        FAX: 617-736-2419



The Center for Macromolecular Crystallography (CMC) at The University of
Alabama at Birmingham invites applicants for a postdoctoral position to work
on crystallographic studies of proteins of the polyol pathway of glucose
metabolism.  This will be a renewable appointment which can begin as early as
January 1, 1996.  The required qualifications for the candidate include a
Ph.D. preferably in protein crystallography and experience in protein
purification is desirable.  The CMC has developed a multi-faceted program that
provides facilities and expertise for crystal growth, macromolecular structure
determination, structure-based drug design and protein engineering. Salary
will depend on the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. 
Applicants should submit a complete resume and arrange for three letters of
reference to be sent to: Dr. Ossama El-Kabbani, Center for Macromolecular
Crystallography, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1918 University
Boulevard, Birmingham, AL 35294-0005, USA. 



A post-doctoral position is immediately available at the Intense Pulsed
Neutron Source (IPNS) Division, Argonne National Laboratory, to conduct
structural biology research on protein complexes in solution by using small
angle neutron scattering techniques. Candidates should have a Ph.D in the
related fields of biophysics or biochemistry and 0-2 years post-doctoral
experience. Highly desirable is experience in small angle scattering
techniques, software development for modeling and computer graphics, and
protein crystallography; and practical experience in biochemical sample
preparation and handling. The candidate will work in close collaboration with
scientists at IPNS and the Center for Mechanistic Biology and Biotechnology
(CMBB) Divisions. IPNS is a national user facility with a number of neutron
spectrometers and diffracometers including a samll angle instrument and
state-of-the-art computers. The CMBB has excellent laboratories for
biochemical sample preparation and characterization. Interested candidates
should send Curriculam Vitae, names of references, a statement of research
interests and copies of selected publications to Mrs. Nancy Griparis,  Bldg.
201, Argonne National Laboratory, 9700 S. Cass Ave, Argonne, IL 60439. 
     Argonne National Laboratory is an Equal Opportunity Employer



A postdoctoral research position is available immediately to study receptor
complexes and functional aspects of carbohydrate binding proteins using X-ray
crystallographic techniqes. Applicants should have a PhD in macromolecular
crystallography and a strong background in crystallographic computing.  No
prior postdoctoral experience is required.  Possible projects for applicant's
involvement are: 
     1) Structure determination of oligosaccharide complexes of Galanthus
nivalis lectin (GNA) and of wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) using multivalent
oligosaccharides.  Both these proteins are multi-site lectins that form
crosslinked lattices.  Their binding affinities are modulated through
carbohydrate-protein interactions in which more than one subunit participates.
Structures of simple oligosaccharide crystal complexes have been determined
for both lectins as well as for a bivalent crosslinked complex of WGA.  GNA
has a total of 12 functional mannose binding sites per tetramer, resulting
from a 3-fold structure and sequence repeat in the polypeptide chain. 
Crystals of tri- and pentamannoside complexes are presently being prepared. 
Both mannosides have been observed to form precipitates with the lectin in
solution.  Their linkage patterns are analogous to those of mannose sequences
present in high-mannose glycans of the HIV envelope glycoprotein GP120, a
specific receptor for GNA. 
     2) Structure determination of crystals of recombinant GM2 activator
protein.  This protein activates the enzyme beta-hexosaminidase to hydrolyze
the ganglioside GM2, converting it to GM3.  It is believed that this protein
interacts directly with sialic acid or galactose.  Co-crystallization
experiments with GM2 and GM3 are in progress. 
      Facilities include an R-axis imaging plate detector, an area detector
facility at U. of Virginia, several networked silicon graphics work stations
and a central VMS-VAX cluster of computers, both with updated versions of a
wide range of crystallographic softwares.  Priority will be given to
applicants who have had extensive experience with the crystallographic program
packages CCP4, DENZO, XPLOR, PHASES and 'O'.  Please send your resume,
including a statement of research experience and interests, as well as names
of two persons who can provide references, to:              
	     Dr. Christine S. Wright 
             Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
             MCV/VCU  Box 614
             Richmond, Va. 23298
             E-mail address: CSWRIGHT at GEMS.VCU.EDU
             FAX Number: 804-828-7625


A postdoctoral position is immediately available in macromolecular
crystallography. Proteins under investigation are cytoplasmic enzymes involve
in bacterial peptidoglycan synthesis. Proteins and crystals are available. The
candidate is expected to have an experience in protein crystallography and
preferably in crystallization. The laboratory is very well equipped: two area
detectors, Unix computers and two graphic workstations. Grenoble is an
university town with a challenging environment (ESRF,EMBL and ILL) To apply or
for more information contact: 
Dr. O. Dideberg
41, avenue des Martyrs, 38027 GRENOBLE-CEDEX1 FRANCE
phone : 33-76885609
fax : 33-76885494
e-mail : otto at


        Two POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS in protein engineering and molecular
biology will be available in October 1995 in the laboratories of Tom
Terwilliger, Cheryl Kuske, and Paul Jackson in the Genomics and Structural
Biology Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. This group is part of a major
effort at Los Alamos to engineer proteins and microorganisms to detect and
degrade organic pollutants in soil.  The positions are for a molecular biology
and crystallography-based project to construct a protein that can detect
halogenated organic pollutants, then activate a reporter gene in its presence.
 Additional positions in molecular biology and crystallography to alter the
substrate specificity of a protein that degrades halogenated compounds may
also become available. Candidates should have extensive experience in
macromolecular structure determination by x-ray crystallography; or in DNA
mutagenesis, gene expression and purification of proteins;  and an interest in
applying these techniques to solve environmental problems. 
        Los Alamos National Laboratory is located 35 miles from Santa Fe in
the mountains of northern New Mexico.  The area is attractive for its history,
culture, scenic beauty and its many outstanding outdoor recreation
opportunities, including alpine and nordic skiing, hiking, rock climbing,
golfing, and biking. 
        Applicants must have received their PhD within the past 2-1/2
years. Salaries range from $42,000 to $44,000 per year.  Appointees receive
employee benefits including incoming travel and moving expenses.
        Interested applicants should contact the investigators by e-mail at
terwilliger at, kuske at, or pjjackson at

Tom Terwilliger

Genomics and Structural Biology Group
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos,NM 87501
tel:  505-667-0072
fax:  505-665-3024
email:  Terwilliger at



	A postdoctoral position is available to study protein-DNA complexes
using x-ray crystallography.  The position is funded by the Howard Hughes
Medical Institute and is available September 1, 1995. 
        The focus of the laboratory is on structural studies of eukaryotic
transcription factors bound to DNA.  We are particularly interested in
multi-protein complexes that are involved in transcriptional regulation. 
Ongoing projects include studies of the yeast a1, alpha2, and MCM1 proteins
that are involved in the regulation of cell type, as well as of similar
proteins from other organisms.  We are also studying heterodimer formation and
DNA binding of proteins from the POU and ets domain families. 
	The laboratory is well-equipped for x-ray crystallography,
biochemistry, and molecular biology.  The x-ray facilities (shared with Drs.
Lattman, Amzel, and Leahy) include an RAXIS II image plate detector, Siemens
area detector, precession cameras, two Rigaku rotating anode x-ray generators,
Convex C-220, VAX8530, and five Silicon Graphics workstations.  Other
facilities include an HPLC, FPLC, 20-liter fermentor, BIAcore, and
	Interested individuals should send a CV and the names and addresses of
three references to: Dr. Cynthia Wolberger, Howard Hughes Medical Institute,
Department of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry, Johns Hopkins School of
Medicine, 725 N. Wolfe St., Baltimore, MD 21205; or to
cynthia at 

                           FACULTY/STAFF POSITIONS

"A research associate position is immediately available in a newly established
crystallography laboratory. Individuals with skills in recommbinant DNA
methods, protein purification and crystallization are preferred. The 
candidate should have strong organizational skills and the desire to
pursue a career in basic scientific research. Please send a resume including
a brief description of research experience and the names of two
references to:

			Dr. Jan Feng
			Institute for Cancer Research
			Fox Chase Cancer Center
			7701 Burholme Ave.
			Philadelphia, PA 19111
			e-mail: jan at

FCCC is an Equal Opportunity Employer."


Group Leader - PDB Database Development Group

The Protein Data Bank (PDB) at Brookhaven National Laboratory is seeking a
scientist with significant database experience to head its database
development group with the responsibility to design, develop, and maintain
database systems for the overall management and public distribution of the PDB
archives.  Candidates should have a Ph.D. in natural sciences or computer
science and/or extensive experience in building and managing biological
databases. They should be proficient in modern database technology, have a
broad understanding of database theory and design, broad knowledge of existing
biological information resources and of current developments in structural
biology, as well as have an understanding of biologists' information demands.
Practical experience with relational databases is necessary, and an interest
in object-oriented technology is desirable.  Working knowledge of the SYBASE
database management system and associated development tools is essential. 

The PDB is an archive of experimentally determined three-dimensional
structures of proteins, nucleic acids, and other biological macromolecules
with a 24-year history of service to a global community of researchers,
educators, and students in a variety of scientific disciplines.  The common
interest shared by this community is a need to access information that can
relate the biological functions of macromolecules to their 3-dimensional
structures.  The recent explosive growth of structural information of
biological macromolecules has been accompanied by increased demand for such
information.  The challenge facing the PDB is to keep abreast of the
increasing flow of data, to maintain the archive as error-free as possible,
and to organize and present this information in ways that will facilitate data
retrieval, knowledge exploration, and hypothesis testing, without interrupting
current services. 

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is a multiprogram research organization
involved in basic and applied research in the physical, biomedical and
environmental sciences and in selected energy technologies.  It is operated by
Associated Universities, Inc., a non-profit management corporation, under the
terms of a prime contract with the U.S. Department of Energy.

Brookhaven is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V.

Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae, publication list, and the names
and addresses of at least three professional references to Dr. Joel L.
Sussman, Head, Protein Data Bank, Biology Department, Building 463, Brookhaven
National Laboratory, Associated Universities, Inc., Upton, L.I., New York


  A tenure-track position is open for a junior protein crystallographer to join
the Laboratory of Molecular Structure, NIAID, National Institutes of Health 
to conduct independent original research.  Qualified candidates should have a
Ph.D or equivalent degree and demonstrate ability to solve a protein crystal 
structure. NIH is an equal opportunity employer.
Qualified and interested candidates should send their C.V. and three letters of 
recommendation to :

	Dr. John E. Coligan
	12441 Parklawn Drive
	Rockville, MD 20852


Amgen Inc. has an immediate opening for a technical staff scientist to join its
protein crystallography group.  Applicants should have a B.S. or M.S. in
biochemistry or related field preferably with experience in protein
crystallization and data collection.  Experience in X-ray structure solution
and refinement, Molecular Biology, Molecular Modeling software and the UNIX
operating system is desirable. The successful candidate will be principally
involved in the development and implementation of an automated crystallization
laboratory and will work in close collaboration with other scientists in a
structure-based approach to the design of biologically active pharmaceuticals.
 Numerous protein targets are available for structure analysis.  Our laboratory
is well equipped with rotating anode generators including two image plate area
detector systems equipped for low temperature crystal cooling.  Computing and
molecular graphics facilities are excellent. For consideration please send a
resume including the names of three references to:

Dr. Timothy Osslund
Molecular Structure Lab
Mail Stop 14-2A-210
Thousand Oaks, California 91320-1789
e-mail address: osslund at
Phone:  805 447-2403
Fax     805 499-5788


Dear Colleague,

		We bought the Siemens area detector system in 1989
which has the PCS as the frame buffer and microvax ll as the frame
processor. We would like to replace both these computers with better,
faster, standard systems(like Silicon Graphics Work Stations) without
replacing the detector. Could you give any suggestions regarding

		Thanking you,

					With best regards,
					Yours sincerely,
                                           M. Vijayan
                                           M.R.N. Murthy
					   K. Suguna

 Prof. M. Vijayan                 mv at
 Prof. M.R.N. Murthy              mrn at
 Dr. K. Suguna                    suguna at
 Molecular Biophysics Unit
 Indian Institute of Science,
 Bangalore - 560 012


The Purdue University Structural Biology group would like to sell a double San
Diego Multiwire Derector system (serial numbers 063 and 064) together with
associated electronics. The (FOB W.Lafayette) price of whole system is
$75,000. We also have for sale Rigaku AFC-6 four circle goniostat together
with single point counter. If you are interested, please contact Wladek Minor
(phone 317-494-0879, fax 317-496-1189, email: wladek at 

Wladek Minor


The 12th meeting sponsored by the Commission on Charge, Spin and Momentum
Densities of the IUCr, Sagamore XII, will be held July 27 to Aug 1, 1997
in Prince Albert National Park, Canada.  The Web URL is:

                  Prosit!         Bev Robertson



3rd Albany Conference on Computational Biology
"Phylogenetic & Structural Relationships Among Proteins"

September 28-October 1, 1995 

Rensselaerville Conference Center, Rensselaerville, NY

This interdisciplinary meeting will be the third in our series of Albany
Conferences on Computational Biology, and will be held September 28 -
October 1, 1995 in Rensselaerville near Albany, New York.  Like the two
predecessors ("Converging Approaches in Computational Biology" in 1990
and "Patterns of Biological Organization" in 1992), the aim of this
conference is to explore the computational tools and approaches being
developed in diverse fields within biology, with emphasis this year on
phylogeny as apparent in relationships on the molecular level. 

The conference will be designed to provide an environment for a frank and
informal exchange among scientists and mathematicians that is not normally
possible within the constraints of topical, single-discipline meetings.  The
theme of the conference, "Phylogenetic and Structural Relationships Among
Proteins", will be developed in five sessions: 3-D Structural Relationships
Among Proteins, Sequence-Structure Interface, Data Bases, Phylogenetic 
Methods, and Applications to Molecular Evolution.  Leading specialists in the
various disciplines have been invited, with the degree of involvement in
novel computational ap)proaches as one of the most important criteria of
selection.  Speakers will include:

       Joel Sussman (Keynote Speaker): Brookhaven National Lab and Weizmann 
           Inst of Science
       Steven Benner: ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
       Stephen Bryant: NIH, Computational Biology Branch                   
       Cyrus Chothia: MRC, Cambridge, England
       G. Brian Golding: McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
       David Hillis: University of Texas, Austin, TX
       Charles Lawrence: Wadsworth Center, Albany, NY
       Peter Munson: NIH, Analytical Biostatistics Section
       Spencer Muse: Penn State University
       Chris Sander: European Bioinformatics Institute, EMBL
       Caro-Beth Stewart: University at Albany
       Arlin Stoltzfus: Dalhousie University
       Jeffrey Thorne: North Carolina State University       
       Shoshana Wodak: Univ Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Registration information can be obtained by directly contacting the
conference coordinator:

Carole A. Keith
Center for Molecular Genetics & 1995 Albany Conference
BIO 126 
University at Albany
1400 Washington Avenue        Phone: 518/442-4327 
Albany, NY 12222 USA          FAX: 518/442-4354 
                              Email: carole at

Information about the meeting sessions and format can be obtained from
the following members of the organizing committee:

Joachim Frank (co-chair), Wadsworth Center
joachim at

Carmen Mannella (co-chair), Wadsworth Center
carmen at

Jacquelyn Fetrow
jacque at

Charles Lawrence, Wadsworth Center
lawrence at

Caro-Beth Stewart, University at Albany
cs812 at


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