non-crystallographic symmetry

Satish Nair satish at
Tue Aug 15 12:10:50 EST 1995

In article <40qd35$b4o at> fyfy at dragon (Fan Yang) writes:
>Hi, x-ray crystallographers:
>  Besides XPLOR, are there any other programs which can search for
>non-crystallographic symmetry based on diffraction data only?
>Many thanks
>Fan Yang

Any program capable of rotation function calculations should
work (i.e. Amore, ALMN, Polarrfn with the CCP4 package all use
variations of the fast rotation function, MERLOT, PROTEIN and
I'm sure there are others).  It is often convinient to look at
your answers in polar angles as these allow one to relate the
NCS elements easily.

satish nair

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