Head of the Astra Structural Chemistry Laboratory

Bob Carter Bob.Carter at hassle.se.astra.com
Tue Aug 15 06:58:44 EST 1995

Astra is a pharmaceutical company in a phase of rapid growth.
The company's operations, which are highly international, consist
of research, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals through 
subsidiaries, agents and licensees all over the world.  Sales in
1994 amounted to SEK 28 billion (USD 3.65 billion).  

A central Structural Chemistry Laboratory is to be established for 
the Astra group, with the mission to provide the projects of the 
Astra product companies with structural information on macromolecular
targets of therapeutic interest.  The Laboratory is projected to 
be operational during 1997, with a staff of 14 scientists, and 
will be located at the Astra Haessle site in Gothenborg, Sweden.

The scientific disciplines initially available at the Laboratory will
be protein crystallography (state-of-the-art instrumentation), NMR
spectroscopy (750, 600, 400 MHz), and protein biochemistry.  
Implementation of additional technologies is foreseen for the future.

We are now looking for a highly experienced and motivated scientist
as Head of the Structural Chemistry Laboratory.  The successful 
candidate will have a strong background in the physical organic,
bioorganic, or biophysical sciences, and will have had experience
with research management in an appropriate field.  Documented 
experience in the field of macromolecular structure determination is
a prerequisite.  Experience with structural chemistry in drug 
discovery in the pharmaceutical industry is an advantage.  

The Head of the Laboratory will be expected to take an active part
in the recruitment of key scientific personnel, and in the build up
of the facilities.  The position involves responsiblilty for 
operations and management, as well as for the maintenance of the 
Laboratory at state-of-the-art level.  Strong interpersonal 
communications skills are important, as well as experience in 
managing people in a multidisciplinary team.  The Head of the 
Laboratory will be expected to collaborate fully with project 
teams at the product companies.

For more information, please contact Bob Carter, +46 31 776 1621 or
Bertil Samuelsson, +46 31 776 1350
Applications marked E-98/95 Head of the Astra Structural Chemistry
Laboratory should be sent to the following address:  Astra Haessle
AB, Human Resources, Att. Paula Wallklev, S-431 83 Molndal, Sweden.
Fax:  +46 31 776 3746. 

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