Amore problem

Dave Love at
Fri Aug 18 11:57:54 EST 1995

>>>>> In article <4123t5$jrj at>, satish at (Satish Nair) writes:

 Satish> In article <40vmu3$hpp at cnn.Princeton.EDU> 
 Satish> ksthorn at (Kurt S. Thorn) writes:
 >> backspace: can't backspace file
 >> apparent state: unit 92 named /scratch/thorn/amore_temp2.02068
 >> lately writing sequential formatted external IO
 >> *** Execution Terminated (106) ***
 >> I'm running it on an indigo 2 under irix 5.2.
 >> Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

Only by guessing, without more information.

 Satish> Apparently, in this case the scratch directory is defined to
 Satish> be /scratch/thorn/amore but Amore cannot write to this
 Satish> directory.

Look again.

Aren't there better things to discuss here?

ObCrystallography: Has anyone directly compared Navaza's
recently-touted CC TF with a Tickle-ish one using Es (not Fs)?

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