R-axis - goniometer - with a tilt

Joe Jaeger jaeger
Tue Aug 22 15:40:31 EST 1995

We have made a *MAJOR* modification to our RAXIS. Our X-ray technician
rebuilt the spindle such that it is horizontal. The LN2 nozzle is coming
in from the top at an angle (i.e. approx. 45degr to the spindle). The 
nozzle position can be varied in angle and distance. 

Another home-made gadget that is being used to save xtals after data 
collection is a mini goniometer (almost like a mini CAD4 setup) that 
can be mounted into the goniometer head. It can be swivelled from a
horizontal position (collinear with the spindle axis) to a kappa=180 degr
position. This way the cryo pin points down towards the optical bench at 
an angle of about 60 degr. The pin can basically be dropped into a small 
cryo vial filled with propane.  
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