Laboratory Research Specialist

Charles W. Carter, JR carter at
Tue Aug 29 19:59:54 EST 1995

LABORATORY RESEARCH SPECIALIST. Someone with a strong background growing
macromolecular crystals, purifying proteins, and/or related experience is
sought to assume responsibility for projects involving quantitative
analysis and optimization of crystal growth (Carter, Doublié & Coleman,
1994; Carter & Yin, 1994). Previous association with a structural biology
laboratory, familiarity with macromolecular X-ray crystallography and an
aptitude for statistics and physical chemistry would all be helpful. The
focus will be to develop quantitative "response surface" techniques for
the characterization and optimization of macromolecular crystal growth as
part of a four-year project funded by the NASA microgravity program.
Projects include work with a set of standard proteins for calibration of
methods, and proteins whose structure is under study in this laboratory.
Independent professional development and/or production work is encouraged.
The successful candidate will also assist in periodic workshops to provide
training in response-surface methods. 
To apply for the position contact: 
Lisa Koskinen, Employment Division, CB 1045, 725 Airport Rd. Chapel Hill,
NC 27599-1045; reference position #34313.
Tel: (919) 962-2991
FAX: (919) 962-2658
email: lmk.hr725 at

For more information on the position contact: 
Professor Charles Carter, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics,
Campus Box 7260 UNC-CH Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7260. 
Tel: 919 966-3263
FAX: 919-966-2852
email carter at


Yin, Y. and Carter, C. W., Jr.:  Quantitative Analysis in the
Characterization and optimization of Protein Crystal Growth. Acta
Crystallographica,   D50:572-590 1994.

Carter, C. W. Jr., Doublié, S., and Coleman, D. E.  Quantitative Analysis
of Protein Crystal Growth: The TrpRS Crystal Polymorphism and its
Relationship to Catalysis.  Journal of Molecular Biology.   238:346-365,

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