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Mon Dec 4 17:54:05 EST 1995

                       at COLD SPRING HARBOR

A postdoctoral position is available at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory  
in either of two areas:

	1. Structural and biochemical studies of a unique DNA-binding
        protease. Gal6 (yeast bleomycin hydrolase) is a conserved
	protease that limits the use of the anti-cancer drug bleomycin.
	We are combining structural and biochemical information of
        the protein, its complexes and various mutants, along with 
	yeast molecular biology and genetics, to study its functions
	and conserved cellular role. See: L. Joshua-Tor, H. E. Xu,
	S. A. Johnston and D. C. Rees, Crystal Structure of a Conserved
	Protease That Binds DNA: The Bleomycin Hydrolase, Gal6,
	Science, 269, 945-950 (1995).

	2. Structural studies of complexes of eukaryotic trancsription
	factors. We are combining structural studies with genetic 
	information to study the molecular interactions important
	for transcriptional activation in eukaryotes.

Our X-ray crystallography facilities include an R-axis detector equipped
with an Oxford cryosystem, several graphics workstations and have access 
to the nearby National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) at Brookhaven. We
also have state-of-the-art facilities for carrying out biochemical and 
molecular bilogy studies. Cold Spring Harbor provides a unique stimulating
environment for rich scientific interactions.

The positions are available for highly motivated applicants with a Ph.D.
and experience in either: (a) protein crystallography or a related field;
or (b) those with experience in biochemistry or molecular biology and a
keen interest in protein crystallography and structural biology. Please
send CV, list of publications, a summary or research experience and 
interests, and names and numbers of three references to Dr. Leemor
Joshua-Tor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, P. O. Box 100, Cold Spring
Harbor, NY 11724. Tel. (516) 367 8821. For additional information please
call or send e-mail to leemor at cshl.org

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