Compiling Molscript using g77 under Linux

Elya S Kurktchi u27554 at
Thu Dec 7 08:05:16 EST 1995

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Victor Jongeneel  <vjongene at> wrote:
>I am trying to compile Per Kraulis' Molscript program to run under Linux.
>I have compiled and installed the latest version (0.5.17) of g77, the GNU
>FORTRAN compiler.  All seems well, except for the system-specific calls
>contained in forlib/system.f and forlib/  I don't have a clue 
>as to the the parameters to pass to a Linux system.
>Anyone tried this before?  Anyone got Molscript running in a Linux box?
>Code from the abovementioned files available on request.

I have it up and running on a FreeBSD UNIX box by using the latest
version of g77.  After talk with Kraulis, there are some routines
that you can comment out which will compile molscript on a generic
unix machine.  You can email me on what lines I modified on my system.f
to get it working.  But for those of you who run FreeBSD, I'll support
that platform (for a while...) if you need to get molscript compiled
there.  I may have a "generic" system.f since it also seemed to work
on HP-UX 9.01 with g77.


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