Ordering trimethyl and triethyl lead acetate

doyle%xray.dnet.wayne.edu at ROCDEC.ROC.WAYNE.EDU doyle%xray.dnet.wayne.edu at ROCDEC.ROC.WAYNE.EDU
Thu Dec 14 12:48:51 EST 1995

I have found  a source for Trimethyl and triethyl lead acetate. With 
Ivan Rayments OK , I am posting how the chemicals can be obtained: 
  e mail for Ivan Rayment ivan at enzyme.wisc.edu 
Also send a note to jim at enzyme.wisc.edu( He handles the shipping)  
The cost for either of the two compounds is  $100.00 US/gram  
The check should be made payable to the Enzyme Institute, University of 
Wisconsin and sent to Ivan Rayment  , Enzyme Institute, 1710 University 
Ave.,Madison , WI  53705. It must be in the form of a check, they do not 
handle purchase orders. I hope this information will be of help. 
Maureen Doyle 
Brian Edwards Lab, Xray Crystallography Facility 
Wayne State University School of Medicine 
Rm 4117 Scott Hall, 540 E.Canfield Ave. 
Detroit, MI 48201   

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