ANNOUNCEMENT of results on Web: IRBM practical course: frontiers of protein structure prediction

Tim Hubbard th at
Sat Dec 16 05:32:36 EST 1995

Announcement: Results now available WWW

Between July to September this year announcements were mailed to this 
list inviting the submission of protein sequences of unknown structure 
as prediction targets for the IRBM practical course: frontiers of 
protein structure prediction.

The workshop was held from 8-17 October 1995.  113 target submissions 
had been received by then and these were automatically analysed to 
screen for homologies to known structures and provide raw material for 
the course.  Of these, 12 were predicted during the workshop, at 
different levels of detail.

The results of the analysis carried out on each of the 113 target 
proteins; the detailed reports on the 12 predictions; a short 
description of all the methods used and the documentation provided by 
each teacher are all now publically available at <URL: http://www.mrc->.  A large amount of general documentation 
written for the course is also available at the same URL.

Our sincere thanks to all those who took the time to fill in the forms 
to submit their sequences and apologies to those whose sequences were 
not worked on during the course due to the limited time available.

Tim Hubbard (CPE, MRC), Anna Tramontano (IRBM)

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