help for postrefinement in data processing?

Fri Dec 29 12:31:40 EST 1995

Dear colleagues,

We have run into difficulty in doing postrefinement in data processing.
We would like to have your experiences and advices.

(1) When using SCALEPACK of HKL Package to merge and scale diffraction
data indexed with DENZO, what is the partiality cutoff that SCALEPACK 
is using to incorporate the partial reflection?  Is there any way that
users can change the partiality cutoff?

(2) If we want to use programs from CCP4 package to merge and postrefine
the diffraction data, could someone please share your working script 
with us?  Or could advise us how to do it?  We have tried to use CCP4
to do postrefinement for a number of cases and it always dies gracelessly.

Thank you in advance!

Jianping Ding

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