Where can we fetch LINUS?

Simon M. Brocklehurst smb at bioch.ox.ac.uk
Sat Dec 30 10:54:36 EST 1995

Arne Elofsson wrote:
> In article <fransh-2112951109250001 at> fransh at Box-f.nih.gov (Frans  Hochstenbach) writes:
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> > Hello,
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> > I am interested in getting the protein structure prediction application
> > 'LINUS,' and would like to know if it is available for the Mac platform
> > and if the output is readable for 'Rasmol' of 'MAGE' format.
> >
> You think they give it away (so that we can test it ?) You are a true beliver.
> arne
  To be fair to the authors of the program (althought they certainly don't
need me to defend them), they didn't contribute to all the hype about how 
great LINUS is on bionet. And the fact that more general media got ahold
of the "solution to the folding problem" story shouldn't carry any weight
in peoples' minds.
  I don't think Srinivasn and Rose need to be too concerned about how the 
program performs on a wide variety of systems because this is not what they
published.  They (somewhat unusually for computational biology papers) presented
the results they got in an honest pictorial form in their Proteins paper from
which people should make their own judgements about the capabilities of this
particular approach.
  When others get their hands on the program, I hope no-one is expecting to get
any mileage from saying, "Heh, I thought LINUS was supposed to be a
ground-breaking piece of software that can really fold proteins up into roughly
native structures.  But we find that it doesn't do that well for a lot of
proteins" etc etc...  The interesting finding, of course, would be that it 
DOES in fact work well.  It's hardly a surprise if it doesn't work properly
is it?

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