Is there an "atlas" of structures?

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> I'm wondering if there is an atlas or a bibliography of resolved 
> structures.  Inparticular, I'm interested in the conformation of
> nucleotide anologs.

There is a book series - Macromolecular structures - published by Current
Biology. The 4 Volumes (1991-4) cover the most recently published
macromolecular structures. It is indexed by structure type (eg. DNA) but
you still have to check every single entry to answer your question.

For serious work, you will have to look at the Brookhaven Protein Database.
The PDB currently hold 3021 macromolecular structure coordinate entries. I
just checked, there are 246 coordinate entries, complete with references,
that have the string 'NUCLEIC' in their compound designation. One could
extract the references.

If you are interested in the structures themselves, you need to access the
Cambridge Structural Database. You can run a program called QUEST which
will extract coordinates of structures containing fragments you can
specify. Chemistry at Wisconsin should be able to help.

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