instructional aid needed

diane h. peapus diane at
Fri Jan 6 14:52:30 EST 1995


 	I'm looking for copies of an instructional tool that I
have seen demonstrated many times, and maybe some of you know what I'm
talking about and can direct me to a source...  Here goes...

        It's a series of 1-dimentional electron density maps on
transparency and when you stack them all together, you get a benzene
ring.  I've seen several people use the same thing in misc short
courses or the like, so it musta come from some book, rather than
the option that each person I've seen use it has generated it themselves.

        Anyone know where that was printed that I can copy it onto
transparency for a class next week?  :)

        Thanks in advance
        diane h peapus
        diane at

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