Nucleoside stuctures

Graheme Williams williams at
Fri Jan 6 08:10:31 EST 1995

Reference the request for info on the conformation of subsutituted nucleosides
the best general reference is the Cambridge Crystallographic data base which 
is available by various means. Specifically, it should be somewhere in the U 
Wisc. library system else talk to the crystallographer in the Chemistry  dept 
there (Greg Powell).  Even more immediately appropriate however are them many 
papers on X-ray structures of nucleosides published by Prof M Sundaralingam 
from the University of Wisconsin.  Sunda addressed himself specifically to the
question of sugar puckering  as it varied when various substitutions were made
on either the sugar or the base. His papers are a goldmine.
Good luck!

Best wishes   =Graheme=

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