RSpace and similar reciprocal-space modelling programs

R. Lynn Rardin rardin at
Thu Jan 12 10:05:04 EST 1995

I've run across a copy of M.R. Harris's program called RSpace, "an
interactive program designed to help crystallographers plan data-collection 
strategies when using diffractometers equipped with area detectors."  The 
program displays a graphical representation of Ewald's sphere and depicts the 
volume of reciprocal space that will be swept by a particular data collection 
pass.  The version of the program we have is dated October 4, 1988 (Release 
v1.3).  The graphics portion of the program is designed to work with an E&S 
PS300.  I'm wondering if there is a more recent version of the program 
available that will display the graphics on an X-term.  Also, are there other 
programs available that serve the same purpose?

-Lynn  (rardin at

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